Southern Arizona Celiac Support
invites you to the 2011 annual
Gluten-Free Food Faire

Saturday, April 30 from 10 am to 2 pm   |   Holiday InnPalo Verde Tucson*

  • Sample lots of great GF food
  • Raffle for GF “goodie” baskets
  • Restaurant Row
  • Silent Auction
  • Blood Screening
  • Meet Representatives for some of your favorite GF vendors
  • Taste samples from Local restaurants offering GF menu items
  • Taste new foods on the market
  • Learn about celiac disease and gluten intolerance—get answers to your questions at our Medical Advisory Board table
  • See local grocery and specialty stores GF offerings
  • purchase GF products on the spot
  • Bring your children and enjoy Cel-Kids activities
  • Book signing by Melissa Diane Smith, leading GF author and nutrition specialist
  • FREE Prometheus Labs antibody testing
  • You MUST pre-register using the form available on our website
  • You must be 18 yrs or older to receive testing
  • Preference will be given to those with a first-degree relative who have biopsy-proven celiac disease or those who are symptomatic
  • BOTH TTG & DGP will be tested this year!

* Holiday Inn Palo Verde, 4550 South Palo Verde Road, Tucson, AZ, on Palo Verde and easily accessable from Aviation Parkway and I-10. [Get directions from Google Maps]

For information on blood screening and to register please see our registration form (be sure to read the instructions carefully).

SACS is proud to announce that PROMETHEUS LABS of San Diego, CA, has awarded So Az Celiac Support a grant of 200 antibody tests for our 2011 GF Food Faire taking place on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at the Palo Verde Holiday Inn.

Prometheux Labs

What makes this year different is that each recipient of the FREE blood test will receive TWO TESTS this year! The tests included will be the standard celiac screening, TTG (tissue transglutaminase), which basically reports gut damage; along with what we believe to be the secret weapon in the arsenal, the DGP (deaminated gliadin peptide) which reports reactivity to gluten. Studies completed in 2009 show that together, these two blood tests can effectively screen more people than either of them alone.

SACS has long felt that the TTG test was letting way too many people fall through the cracks—very symptomatic people that undoubtedly react to gluten (many of them said they do) and yet their TTG was negative. We believe that the DGP will catch those people who are missed by TTG. Since the TTG is looking for damage in the intestinal wall and the DGP is looking for a reaction to gluten, what does this mean? It means that many people react to gluten although they may not (yet) have clinical celiac disease which is defined as gut damage (villous atrophy). However, if they are reacting to gluten, then they need follow up by a medical provider and need to be watched for increasing and/or changing symptoms or future gut damage.

For a more detailed (and somewhat technical) explanation, please visit the website of SACS Medical Advisor, Dr Lindsey Pearson.

The 200 tests will be given to the first 200 qualified applicants that complete and return their Screening Registration form found here on our website. Applicants MUST BE at least 18 years old, not currently following a gluten-free diet (ingesting at least 50mg of gluten per day for over 6 wks), and NOT already diagnosed with celiac disease (CD), gluten intolerance or dermatitis herpetiformis. Preference will be given to first-degree relatives of people with CD, or those who have symptoms that fall within the parameters of CD. You do not need to be member of our support group to participate and there is no cost for the blood draw or lab processing. We ask that you provide a working Email address to receive your blood test results.


Below are some of the vendors who will give out samples at the 2011 GF Food Faire—many will also have products to sell

Vendor logos

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