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DISCLAIMER: Archived materials are intended to preserve the history of SACSG, remind us of where we have been and just to preserve some of those fun moments we enjoyed. Materials in this archive may not have up-to-date information. Always double-check for any updates to information about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

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SACS Chapter Meeting, October 8, 2016

A potluck and a new game for us, Bunco.

2016 Lunch Bunch and Dinner Photos

Our combined photo sets from all our dinner and lunch outings for the year.

SACS General Meeting, October 3, 2015

Kathe gave a great talk on our gluten-free adventures in Australia and Italy.

2015 Lunch Bunch and Dinner Photos

Our combined photo sets from all our dinner and lunch outings for the year.

SACS General Meeting, May 9, 2015

We had a great presentation by two members of our Medical Advisory Borar.

SACS General Meeting, February 28, 2015

Photos of the great time everyone had with our potluck, bingo and bake sale.

2014 Lunch Bunch and Dinner Photos

Our combined photo sets from all our dinner and lunch outings for the year.

SACS General Meeting, October 4, 2014

Photos of our general meeting with our featured speaker Hana A. Feeney, MS, RD.

May 31 2014, Potluck in the Foothills

Photos of the great time we had at Corene and Robert's.

October 6, 2012, Dr Rodney Ford at Westward Look

Lunch followed by Dr. Ford's presentation Gluten: ZERO global. Photos thanks to Cheryl Caffarella Wilson, CCW Digital Artistry.

September 12 2012, Your Support Group is Represented on Bear Essentail News

One of our younger members, Ciara Pebley, presented a report "What Does GF Mean? It Means Gluten Free. It Also Means Good Food!" on KVOA Channel 4's Bear Essential News for Kids.

March 31, 2012 SACS Potluck

Photos thanks to Cheryl Caffarella Wilson, CCW Digital Artistry.

Tucson Meet Yourself, October 14-16, 2011

Thanks to Kim Provo Pebley for her photos of the SACS booth.

Photos from the 2011 SACS BBQ, held June 4th

A great time was had by everyone. Please enjoy the photos.

Photos from the 2011 Food Faire, held April 30th

The Food Faire was held in a new location for 2011, with more space, more vendors and more fun--samples, raffle, a silent auction and improved blood screening. Please take a look at our photos of the GFFF.

Photos from the 2010 Food Faire, held April 24th

Photos from our Food Faire. 1,000 attended!

The SACS' 2010 Potluck, February 27th

Photos from our annual potluck. If you missed it you missed a grand time.

General Meeting, September 26, 2009

Photos from our September general meeting with our speaker dermatologist Dr. Gerald Goldberg who gave SACS their first-ever lecture on Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

Photos from the 2009 Food Faire, May 9th

Photos from our Food Faire. Better than ever!

News Coverage of the Food Faire

Photos from the General Meeting, March 28th 2009

Photos from our March general meeting.

Photos from the 2008 Food Faire, May 10th

The Food Faire was an amazing success, with over 650 attendees in our preliminary count. Photos from the amazing 2008 Food Faire

News Links on the Food Faire

Photos from the General Meeting, March 29th 2008

Photos from our March general meeting.

General Meeting, January 19th 2008

Photos from our first general meeting of 2008.

Photos from the Potluck, November 17th 2007

We have the photos from the SACS Potluck on November 17th online for your enjoyment, along with photos of Cel-Kids at the potluck.

The 2007 CSA Conference.

The conference was held in Tucson and we have the pictures to prove it.

Inside Kinnikinnick with Shirley Curtis

Shirley has shared her photos for a virtual tour of the Kinnikinnick GF Bakery in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Tour K2 which is the huge 2 1/2+ acre facility with lots of automation and K1, which is only 30,000 square feet and concentrates on products which must be made by hand. Take a look at the Kinnikinnick retail store which features fresh baked products as well as GF products from other vendors. No gluten is allowed on Kinnikinnick property. Ever.

2007 Food Faire

Photos from our record breaking Food Faire held May 19th

Presentation to TUSD School Nurses, April 18th

Photos from the tandem presentation Dr. Shelli Hanks and Cheryl Wilson gave to the TUSD Nurses on April 18, 2007.

March 24th 2007 General Meeting

Photos from our general meeting on March 24th.

Free Talk at Sprouts, March 14, 2007

Cheryl Wilson, President of SACS, gave a talk on living the gluten free lifestyle, with an explanation of celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Update on Oscar (October 9, 2006)

Lisa Lopez sent us this letter on Oscar and his visit to Tucson. Oscar is the Nogales Sonora teenager with celiac disease that the group is supporting. As always, if you can provide assistance in this effort it will be greatly appreciated.

September 23rd 2006 General Meeting

Photos from our general meeting with Chef Fernando Espinosa, the 5-Star head-chef at Dos Silos Restaurant.

Lunch Bunch, June 12, 2006

Photos from the Lunch Bunch at Evangelos.

Food Fair, May 20, 2006

Photos from our 2006 Food Faire.

From Previous General Meetings

Notes and links on topics discussed or reported on.

SACSG at the County Fair (April 20-29, 2006)

Photos of the fair booth and our volunteers. You can read about our experiences at the fair in the May 2006 issue of our newsletter.

1st Annual Gluten Free Pizza Fundraiser (April 1, 2006)

Photos from the pizza dinner. Announcement and invitation. Read about it in our May 2006 Newsletter.

Gluten-Free Cooking Classes, March 8 - May3, 2006

Photos from the March 8 class and a report.

Food Fair, May 21, 2005

Photographs from our Food Fair at the May 21st general meeting.

2005 CD Walk

Material from our Walk for Celiac Disease, including photographs from the walk.

Colleen Beaman Interview

Here is an interview on KUAT's Arizona Illustrated with our own Colleen Beaman concerning Celiac Disease.

Early Diagnosis of Gluten Sensitivity

Before the Villi are Gone by Kenneth Fine, M.D. (reprinted from the Winter 2004 edition of's Scott-Free Newsletter).

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