Lisa's Update on Oscar

Lisa Lopez sent us this update on Oscar and his visit to Tucson.

I can’t begin to explain the wonderful weekend I had with Oscar’s family. They arrived Friday - Oscar, his mom and sister. Friday we made hamburgers, fries, macaroni salad, and a lemon cake with homemade vanilla frosting.

Saturday we made eggs, ham, hash browns, and ate that with a corn tortilla and a side of fruit for breakfast. We went to the Zoo and walked around the lake at Reid Park. We then stopped at Eegee’s for some fries and went to New Life Health Centers (we did a lot of shopping), then we stopped at See’s Candy for a of couple pieces. We then went to the store and bought food for dinner on Saturday night and made tacos, rice, beans, guacamole and all the fixings. That night we made a delicious chocolate cake.

On Sunday morning we had pancakes, bacon, and strawberries. Oscar was a non-stop eater who also ate a great deal between meals, too. He and his family had a great time, and so did we. Before we took them back home, we went to Wal-Mart and bought baking pans and a mixer so his mom could make cake. We also stopped at Payless Shoes, where my friend gave us a 40% discount, and Oscar was able to by shoes he’s been wanting for a long time. Before we could leave, we had to make one last stop at Eegee’s to buy one for the road.

My neighbor donated a queen size bed to them and the Celiac group collected $135.00 with which we bought many things for Oscar at New Life Health Centers. My boss donated $100.00 and we used that money to buy things from the grocery store to take home with Oscar. My mother-in-law donated money to buy his shoes, and both my mom and I provided the food for the weekend along with the trip to the Zoo.

It was great! Thank you to everyone who was caring enough to donate food or money; it was well spent and greatly appreciated by Oscar’s mom. It brought tears to our eyes to take them back home. I still can’t stop thinking about them.

I could not have done this with out your help and support. Thank you very much for everything!

Lisa Lopez

The following options are available if you would like to support Oscar:

We can donate GF foods he will eat (see the list in the September 2006 Newsletter) and/or donate money to Lisa Lopez who will purchase foods and take them down to Oscar. Bring the items to any Roundtable or general meeting, and they’ll get to Lisa.

Or, if you want to make a tax-deductible donation, send the money to our treasurer, Hetty Pardee, and note that the money is for Oscar.

Or, you can buy gift cards at New Life, Trader Joe’s, Wild Oats or Sprouts and send them to Lisa Lopez.

Or, if you are fluent in Spanish and willing to travel to Nogales or even talk to Oscar’s mother on the phone, that would be of great help, too. Right now, Lisa Lopez is doing a great deal for him, so some relief help would be much appreciated. Elizabeth Rascon will certainly help all she can, but she is facing some serious medical procedures over the next year and will not be able to travel.

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