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GF Lunch Bunch

Lunches are held at Tucson restaurants, usually on the second Friday of each month.

Gluten-Free Dining Group

Group dinners are arranged at restaurants supporting gluten-free dining, usually on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Check our calendar for up-to-date information on venues and dates.

Gluten-Free  dining is a challenge for people with celiac disease or anyone with gluten intolerance. Dining clubs help us practice ordering (and screening) our food to insure a safe meal. We learn from our fellow Celiacs how to order gluten free from restaurant menus. Join us for fun and to help raise Celiac Disease (CD) awareness in the food service industry and general community. When dining out we can educate restaurants and food service workers on specific needs of gluten intolerant patrons and help them learn to prepare and serve gluten free food.

If you have had a great (or not so great) GF dining experience please use the form below to notify us.

Dining Tips:

  • Usually it is safer to eat at a more upscale restaurant where chefs tend to make items from scratch and from fresh ingredients. They are typically more knowledgeable about diet and special needs.
  • Ideally the kitchen or wait staff can tell you if a menu items contain wheat or gluten, and may offer substitutions or modifications.
  • Contacting the chef ahead of time is preferable, and most chefs are at work after 3 PM.
  • Call or visit and leave written information on the GF diet requirements with the chef ad manager.
  • You may also mail, email or fax the diet information since the chef may not be aware of hidden sources of gluten or of cross contamination.
  • Please  go out of your way to thank the Chef and staff for their efforts.†† A good tip will also show your appreciation!†
  • A follow-up note with a Celiac brochure builds Celiac awareness - one chef at a time. Carry copies of GF Dining brochures to help distribute reference materials that can be posted on the restaurantís bulletin board.
  • For diners in the Southwest, the Spanish translation for wheat flour is harina de trigo (with a silent "h" - "arina") and for bread is pan. Tell your server "no harina" and "no pan." Maíz (corn) is good (bien). Masa harina is the flour (made from corn) used to make corn tortillas and is OK. However, the large "flour tortillas" used for burritos and chimichangas are made with wheat flour and must be avoided.
  • We have adapted a very good list of suggested questions to ask when dining out, originally from Alamo Celiac, GIG (by Melanie Psaltakis).
  • Restaurant cards are available in a variety of languages. You can order commercially printed Restaurant Cards at with the text adapted for each cuisine. Translated cards are available in English, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Mexican), Thai, and Vietnamese. Printable restaurant cards in 54 languages are free online from
  • Sample Celiac Restaurant Card
    I have celiac disease. With this illness, I have very strict dietary restrictions related to certain grains. I cannot eat foods with ingredients that are not GLUTEN-FREE. This means NO Wheat (including Emmer, Kamut, Semolina, Spelt, Triticale), Rye or Barley including these sprouted grains. It also includes Oats, which are usually contaminated with wheat. This means I must adhere to the three "C"s - my food cannot Contain, Contact or be Contaminated by these grains.

Reviewed Restaurants

The restaurants listed below have been informally screened and frequented by members of CSA of Southern Arizona. We present these establishments based on our personal experience but urge you to be cautious and rigorous when ordering. Owners, chefs and menus can change, which may affect the quality of GF menu items or staff sensitivity to the needs of GF diners. Never be afraid to ask questions about your food and how it's prepared. Comments are current as of the date of the review.

Our Reviewed Restaurant Map

Use our Google map of gluten-free restaurants to locate restaurants by neighborhood. Click on the pointers to get restaurant information.

This page is currently under maintaince.
Have you had a good gluten free dining experience at a restaurant in the Tucson area that isn't on our list? If so, please fill out our restaurant review form so we can add it.