Chantilly Tea Room

5185 N. Genematas Drive (Turn east off of Oracle just north of River) 
(520) 622-3303
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2008, by a member
Reviewer sensitivity: Has Digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc), NON-digestive Symptoms (migraines, anemia, joint pain, etc) & Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) and has an immediate and unmistakable reaction
Description: The beauty and grace of an elegant fine English tea room set against the backdrop of the southwest desert. The Chantilly Tea Room will serve its last afternoon tea August 13, 2015. Please ask about modifying any of our teas to be GLUTEN-FREE or DIABETIC FRIENDLY.
Comments: Sep 10, 2012: Myself and elderly mother visited the tearoom once. The first was her birthday. We enjoyed the lite meal. As we were looking through the gift room my mother slipped and feel. Two young women at the register began to laugh. I asked for help to pick my mother up and one of them helped. I asked for the owneror manager, but I was advised she could not be disturbed.
Because I like the atmosphere, I went once again another year on mother's day. I met the owner. I told her about the experience. She asked was their any permanent damage. I told her not that I recall. She said good - and that was that in a unconcerned way. She did I will never go back, not because of the food but the lack of concern on the part of the help and the owner.
I simple I'm sorry would have been satisfactory, but the cool reception from the owner on down was sad. I have received at least an apology, if not a complimentary meal for less. Less would include slow, or forgotten service from a polite manager.
The owner was did say she learned of how to maintain the quaint surrounding from her grandmother. I think it is a shame she did not learn manners along with style from someone.
We are African Americans, but we are entitled to same acknowledgement your other customers get who need a helping hand. Commentor's sensitivity: NON-digestive Symptoms (migraines, anemia, joint pain, etc) and can NOT be certain if they've eaten gluten
January 19, 2008: I stumbled across this wonderfully entertaining restaurant today and found out they cater not only to celiacs with gluten-free foods but also have available sugar and egg free fares.
I actually went out to eat and had dessert (chocolate coconut truffles) you should see the smile on my face - grin!
I personally talked to the owner and she stated that with advanced notice she would create a special gluten-free tea for your party (check out the menu above) Now I can't wait to have some thing to celebrate!
If you are any where near Oracle and River (it's just north on Oracle) I would highly recommend going there for lunch.