Adobe Rose Bed and Breakfast

940 N. Olsen Ave 
520 318-4644
Manager: Marion Hook
Chef: Marion Hook
Owner: Marion Hook
Gluten Free Menu: No   Just let Marion (the owner) know that you need a GF breakfast
Reviewed: 2008, by a member
Reviewer sensitivity: Has digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc) and an immediate and unmistakable reaction to gluten.
Description: My sister and I visited the Adobe Rose B & B on August 23 at the request of owner, Marion Hook. She had contacted us about her GF breakfast options and wanted us to try it. Before sitting down for breakfast (at a table filled with UA frosh & their out-of-town parents), we 'inspected' the kitchen and found that Marion was quite knowledgeable about the issues of cross-contamination and is very careful with preparation and serving the food. They also prepare dairy-free breakfasts.
The food was fantastic! Everyone was served a bowl of fresh fruit, along with small (4-5") crispy corn tortillas (specially ordered from a company in the Phoenix area) topped with eggs, cheese, and salsa. The GF difference was the choice of ordering cinnamon bread (made from a GF mix by Mindy of Miracle Munchies) as opposed to the typical sweet roll available for those consuming gluten. Coffee and juice were on the table, along with wedges of pineapple on our plates. The meal was wonderfully balanced in taste and texture (and we had NO reaction!). We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Marion and her daughter (who run the Inn), and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a B & B.
It's a lovely little place with a lot of history in the UA area.
Call ahead to let Marion know that you need a GF meal. At this time, the meals are only available to those staying at the B & B, but many of you might have family coming in from out of town that need a place to stay, or you might want to spend a getaway weekend there.
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