3719 E Speedway Blvd. (new location as of Sept. 25, 2010) 
Manager: Doug Levy
Owner: Doug Levy
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   Items that can be prepared gluten-free are marked on the regular menu.
Reviewed: 2005
Description: Instituted a week of GF Specials on request. Willing and able to accommodate GF diets. Good food and wine selection. Their menu changes monthly on the first Tuesday of the month, so call ahead to see what's available. You can sign up at their web site to have the menu emailed to you. The salads with home-made dressing and the risotto are recommended by one of our members.
Comments: Jul 3, 2013: Ate at Feast recently, and was assured my specific entree and appetizer were gluten free (both designated on the menu, and by the waiter). I also went over the kitchen's cross-contamination procedures with the waiter. I suffered an immediate reaction after eating the appetizer. Throughout the night, the reaction became severe. I believe I actually ingested gluten, rather than it being a case of cross-contamination. The manager assured me the kitchen did everything correctly despite my reaction, and was otherwise generally unhelpful. The owner was very apologetic and their food is great, but beware. Commentor's sensitivity: Digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc), NON-digestive Symptoms (migraines, anemia, joint pain, etc) and has an immediate and unmistakable reaction