Mama's Famous Pizza and Heros

4500 E Speedway 
520 319-8856
Owner: Joe and Vinnie Spina
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2015
Reviewer sensitivity: Digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc), NON-digestive Symptoms (migraines, anemia, joint pain, etc) and has an immediate and unmistakable reaction
Description: My wife is celiac and Mama's was her favorite pizza place since she was a teen and before being diagnosed as celiac. I found out on their menu that they now had a GF pizza crust, so we went there to see if she would be able to eat there. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. The GF crust is pre-made and frozen, but she enjoyed her pizza immensely (stated that it tasted just like she remembered 25 yrs ago and I enjoyed my fried ravioli and combo hero. Total for the meal and 2 liter soda was $32 but the happiness for my wife was priceless. We will definitely be going back. The staff members we spoke with last night were all well educated on the gluten free pizza and issues with cross contamination. They do use clean pans for GF pizzas. They were also very accommodating with us checking out ingredient lists and their knowledge of the ingredients in their toppings (other food allergies are involved) and although we do worry about cross contamination issues, my wife had no problems with the pizza and she is very sensitive to any gluten what so ever.
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