Lovin' Spoonfuls Vegetarian Restaurant

2990 N. Campbell Ave Suite 120 (in Campbell Plaza) 
(520) 325-7766
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   http://lovinspoonfuls.com/Menus/Gluten%20Free.pdf   Look for it on the counter where you order
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: Tasty vegan food (no animal products of any kind) at reasonable prices. This is a vegan restaurant that takes great care to identify the ingredients of all their dishes, so information on their gluten free status is available. They have gluten free bread for use in sandwiches and with other menu items. Several breakfast items on their regular menu are identified as gluten free, but ask for the gluten free menu for many more options (if you don't see it at the ordering counter). Please be aware that, although the ingredients may be gluten free, we have been told by the owner that there are no dedicated prep or cooking surfaces in Loviní Spoonfuls (including a toaster). We recommend that no celiac have their GF bread toasted (make sure you advise your server), and remind the server that whoever is preparing your food needs to change their gloves before preparing and serving your food, especially any bread-like products. We also recommend that you do not order peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, since they use the same PB & J jars for all customers (so there may be gluten crumbs in them).
Comments: Jun 19, 2013: On 6/18/13 I ordered a Gluten Free Mediterranean Dinner Platter. I was very specific that my health condition requires no cross contamination, so the wait person said he would have the staff change gloves before handling my food.
As I was eating the falafel balls I wondered how they had fried them. Just then the owner, Peggy, passed our table so I asked her. She said that the falefel was fried in the same oil that gluten is, but they keep it away from any gluten particles that might be in the oil! I told her that I needed mine prepared separately, and she said I should have ordered gluten free. (We told her I had!) Then she said I should request that my falafel be grilled rather fried in oil. (It's been a long time since I had falafel so I forgot how it is prepared.)
She also said she would replace the fried with grilled falafel but I was never served it.
I am very surprised that they are not more educated about gluten free practices since the owner promotes eating a healthy vegan diet, and I think she has a Ph.D in chemistry.
Since I don't have symptoms with my Hashimoto thyroid disease, only a blood test will tell if I have been adversely affected. I'm very sorry I hadn't read SACS caution on this restaurant before I chose to eat there! Commentor's sensitivity: Digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc) and NON-digestive Symptoms (migraines, anemia, joint pain, etc) but can NOT be certain if they've eaten gluten
Sep 14, 2010: Very friendly service, and their gluten free menu has nearly as many choices as their regular menu. I especially liked that they have millet bread (purchased off-site from a local store) so that there are sandwich options available, including kid-friendly PB&J.
We did not have to speak to the manager to get our gluten free food, but simply mentioned that we were ordering from the gluten free menu. But the one time we have spoken with her, she was very understanding and helpful. Commentor's sensitivity: Digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc), NON-digestive Symptoms (migraines, anemia, joint pain, etc) and can usually (but not always) be certain if they\'ve eaten gluten
Sep 14, 2010: Great breakfast/brunch menu, including gluten-free pancakes. Also a nice variety of dinner entrees- I especially like their chili, served with GF millet bread. I've eaten there a number of times with no problems. The seem to be very aware of cross-contamination, based on my inquiries with the owner and servers. Commentor's sensitivity: Digestive Symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc) and can usually (but not always) be certain if they\'ve eaten gluten
Jan 22, 2007: There is a GF menu at Lovin' Spoonfuls. It's usually sitting out, but you just have to request it.