Outback Steakhouse

4871 E Grant Rd 
(520) 323-8892
2240 W Ina Rd 
(520) 531-1231
Manager: Aaron Priestley (Grant Rd.)
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   http://www.outback.com/menu/pdf/glutenfree.pdf
Reviewed: 2005, by the Dining Club members
Description: The GF Dining Club was out on the town March 16th 2005, with a record turnout at the Outback Steakhouse. Personal attention was paid to special diet requirements. The steaks, ribs and burgers were great, with substitutions readily available. The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under dessert was to-die-for ... fresh flourless brownie with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce & shavings. You may need to remind them to access their computer and print out a GF Menu or call ahead or just bring your own copy from their web site.
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