Living Gluten Free

The Challenge and the Reward

No one will deny that maintaining a gluten-free diet is a challenge. But for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity the reward is a return to good health.


There are an amazing number of options for gluten-free shopping, from main stream groceries to specialty stores to farmers markets and on-line stores. Check our Gluten-Free Shopping page for all the details. The new labeling laws implemented in the last few years make the task easier, but be sure you understand them.

Home Cooking

We can help you make your kitchen gluten-free and we have collected receipes from our members as well as a collection of other on-line recipes.

Dining Out

We have tips on dining out safely, reviews of gluten-free dining in restaurants in our area (including a map) and suggestions for gluten-free dining while traveling.

More Resources

Books and magazines for gluten-free living as well as a collection of on-line resources.

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