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Prior to July 2011 newsletters are available online in both text (HTML or Web page) format and as portable document format (PDF) files. The PDF versions have photographs and are formatted to match the printed copies. However they are much larger files and may take a long time to download if you have a dial-up connection. The text files should download much faster but lack most photos or graphics.

An up-to-date version of Adobe Reader can be obtained from the Adobe web site.

Prior to November 2005 the PDF versions are available page-by-page as links in the text version. Click on the links below and then use the links at the top to view the PDF files with full formatting and photos and illustrations.

If you would prefer to receive subsequent issues of the Celiac Digest via email, send your request to and we'll take your name off the snail-mail list.

(*printed on recycled paper)

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