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Volume 9, Issue 1
June 2010

DISCLAIMER: This publication is intended as a general information resource for gluten-intolerant individuals. It is NOT intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, or any other medical application. Please consult your physician for professional medical advice and treatment.

In this Issue

GF Food Faire Sets Record Attendance in 2010

Several years ago, President Cheryl Wilson had a vision. She wanted to see this event grow to become the premier event of Southern Arizona. This year, the Gluten Free Food Faire had over 1000 attendees. Cheryl‘s vision is well on its way to fruition.

Due to the generosity of Prometheus Labs, 200 people were able to have their blood screened for anti-bodies to determine if further testing for celiac disease may be necessary.

Close by, our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) fielded questions from participants who were in need of medical direction to resolve symptoms or direction on speaking to their own physicians regarding celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Many people were astounded by the facts they learned during their discussions with the MAB.

This year‘s Gluten Free Food Faire had repeat vendors such as Pamela‘s Products, Barn Goddess Goat Cheese Products, Gluten Free Creations, Homemade Gourmet, Ians Natural Foods, Chebe, Lotus Garden, Tucson Tamale and New Life. The Faire also brought us some new product vendors which included The Grainless Baker, Kettle Cuisine, French Meadow Bakery, Petosa‘s Family Foods. Local restaurant, El Charro Café premiered their GF Enchilada Sauce.

This event would never be a huge success without word of mouth from our members, the medical community and volunteers. Our Publicity Chair, Patricia Hirsch, was able to obtain advertising through several sources including but not limited to printed articles in most of the Southern Arizona newspapers and television spots on several news channels.

Southern Arizona Celiac Support has accomplished a vastly successful event and wishes to thank all of those involved! Due to the success of the event for the past three years and the increase in attendance, we will be seeking a larger venue for next year. Look for more vendors, more parking and more room to shop!

SACS Bids a Fond Farewell to Parting Board Members

Inevitably, change is upon us. Two board members, Sue Beveridge and Shirley Curtis, are vacating their seats on the Executive Board. These two women have been extraordinary pioneers and volunteers for SACS. Although we will miss them, we will never forget their contributions.

Sue Beveridge

Sue Beveridge Retiring VP

In 1973, Sue Beveridge went to the doctor to find out the root of her G.I. symptoms. She was given the diagnosis of gastritis. Her symptoms got worse over the next 5 years. She found a book in the library Good Food Gluten Free from England. After only one day without gluten, she began to feel a bit better. Sue told her physician about trying the diet and he informed her that she must have Celiac Disease. That wasn‘t a very common diagnosis in 1978, one in 6,000. The doctor then referred her to a dietician. After 6 months Sue went to the dietician hoping to learn more and ended up educating the dietician about food limitations and nutritional needs with material and information that she had found prior to the appointment. The nutritionist did not charge her for the visit!

Three years later Sue found a celiac support group near Boston where she lived and was finally able to learn and share information about celiac with others. On her first visit she took one look at the tables filled with gluten free breads and desserts and cried, "I can eat any of it I want!." She says that being part of a support group has been very rewarding. Helping others find answers pertaining to diet, medical care, cooking, eating out and just supporting and encouraging each other has helped her to be successful with eating gluten free.

Since 1981, Sue has participated in four CSA chapters in 4 different cities. At one point, she volunteered in the main office of CSA/USA in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sue began volunteering with SACS in 2003. She served on the Executive Board as the Treasurer until 2005. She then became Vice President/Membership Chair. Sue has helped the board to stay within CSA‘s guidelines, helped develop new programs, and as the Membership Chair, has welcomed over 175 new members along the way.

Sue stated that she has seen many improvements during her years with SACS. One of these improvements is the expansion and success of the SACS community outreach programs. She is amazed and impressed by how many doctors, dieticians and other medical professionals SACS educates about CD and Gluten Intolerance.

Among the changes that Sue would like to see are more people participating in our programs as it is such a great way to meet people while learning and helping others. She looks forward to continuing to do so.

—Kim Pebley

Shirley Curtis

Shirley Curtis—Retiring SACS’ Newsletter Editor

Shirley was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in August of 2003. She suffered for more than 27 years before she endured a myriad of tests including blood tests, barium X-Ray, biopsy and genetic testing. She was so anemic at 58 years old that the doctor considered transfusions.

Up until her diagnosis, she thought everyone hurt when they ate and that she was just a wimp when it came to enduring pain. Shirley has lived a gluten free life since the minute the doctor called with the blood test results. She said that it was a HUGE relief to have an answer and actually be able to eat without pain.

At Shirley‘s very first meeting, Mary Louise Catura and Jeannine Faidley persuaded her to volunteer due to her proficiency with com-puters and writing.

They had spotted a person with a hunger to learn and to help others. Shirley has volunteered with SACS since September of 2003. She helped SACS establish their website and newsletter. When she started as the co-editor of the newsletter, she never imagined that after about six months she would become the editor. She has also contributed several educational articles for the newsletter. What a fabulous job she has done with our newsletter!

Since Shirley has been involved with SACS for 7 years, I asked her what changes she would like to see in the future. She stated that "SACS should have more and younger people volunteer as a static leadership means a static group. New people bring new energy and new ideas. SACS should serve as a way station on the way to learning to confidently live GF. By volunteering and becoming immersed in the subject, newly diagnosed people learn enough to manage CD all on their own. For the record, I got way more out of volunteering than I put in. But, it's time to move on as I'd like to pursue other hobbies and interests."

Shirley also had much praise for SACS volunteers and feels that Cheryl Wilson's drive and ambition has totally changed the group and gotten SACS noticed by even more people. She also thinks that Cheryl‘s educational outreach programs have enabled SACS to spread the word and help more people become diagnosed.

She also mentioned that the Gluten Free Food Faire has reached a tremendous amount of people. This year‘s was much larger than ever before. Shirley said "Of course the GFFF is huge, too – and we can thank Kim, Pat and Cheyenne for that."

—Kim Pebley

SACS Introduces Two New Board Members

Celeste Harvey

Celeste Harvey

Celeste Harvey was diagnosed at 2 years of age but doctors did not properly counsel her parents to keep gluten out of her diet. Decades later she knows that the gluten free diet could have spared her a lifetime of health troubles. She is passionate about educating parents on the potentially devastating growth and developmental problems their kids face if they are not correctly diagnosed and treated with the 100% GF diet and lifestyle. Her son is celiac. Celeste is sure her father was also an undiagnosed celiac. Although she tried, she could not convince her father‘s doctor to consider testing him for CD even though her father had lifelong classic intestinal and other CD symptoms. "This must change," she says.

The Lions Club has bestowed upon her honorary membership for her volunteerism in preparing their tax returns. She also supervises their vintage eyeglass recycling project on E-Bay. She‘s creative in many areas such as quilting, sewing, beading, jewelry design, and polymer clay sculpting.

As an Air Force kid, Celeste lived and studied around the world in exotic places from Japan to Morocco (where the Volubilis Roman Ruins' magnificent mosaic masterpieces were nearly in her back yard) and beyond.

As CD/GF awareness has increased in recent years Celeste realizes how all the puzzle pieces fit. She found SACS when we were publicizing the 2008 Gluten Free Food Faire (GFFF) which she attended because it was held near her home. The next year she coordinated 37 volunteers for the GFFF and in 2010 recruited and organized an even larger volunteer force of about 50. We are fortunate that she brings her quiet talent and productive ability to SACS as Board Member-at-Large specializing in year-round chapter-wide volunteer coordination. Her background and achievements make her an ideal new addition to our board.

Special Thanks to all the WONDERFUL VENDORS & TERRIFIC VOLUNTEERS for making this year’s GFFF such a HUGE success!!!
Corene Johnson

Corene Johnson

Corene Johnson first heard of CD about two years ago when her severe osteoporosis finally led her osteopathic specialist to test her.

The positive CD diagnosis was a surprise because aside from frequent fractures she doesn‘t have other symptoms. While she doesn‘t have the "benefit" of gastric or other reactions, she adheres strictly to the gluten free diet at all times anyway.

It‘s a lucky "break" for us (and a credit to her doctor) that following her doctor‘s orders, she sought and found SACS online. She worried she would have to g ive up her favorite pastime, baking. But she‘s rolled up her sleeves to perfect GF pie crust, cookies, cakes and more. Her enthusiasm at the GF mesquite cookie project (see Feb. 2010 Celiac Digest ) was contagious! She‘s got an idea to develop a GF cooking/baking support group. She says, "Wouldn‘t it be exciting to share, learn and teach GF cooking together in the kitchen?"

A top-notch high school and college teacher with emphasis in business education, Corene‘s adaptive abilities have served her and her students well. She connects dots effortlessly in order to make new or complex concepts understandable. Before, during and after the 2010 GF Food Faire (GFFF) she developed a role as ambassador of good will for SACS, delivering GFFF brochures, picking up silent auction donations from restaurants all over town and filling in wherever needed during the GFFF. SACS will continue to reap a full harvest of goodness with Corene Johnson, Board Member-at-Large, on the team.

—Pat Hirsch

Pictures from the 2010 Gluten Free Food Faire

GFFF Photos

For full size photos please see page 4 of the PDF version of this newsletter (1.0MB). We also have an additional gallery of photos from the faire in our on-line photo archive.

Gluten Free Lunch Bunch

This month we will be meeting on third Friday at the OASIS Institute in the Junior League Building for lunch.

June 18th at 12:00 noon *
2099 E. River Road
Tucson, AZ 85718

The Junior League Building is on River Rd. Just east of Campbell on the north side of River Rd. (east of St. Philip‘s in the Hills Episcopal Church).

A casual GF buffet luncheon will be served during the ¯Living Gluten Free” class sponsored by OASIS, a national education and service organization which brings people together to enrich lives and strengthen communities. GF Lunch Bunch leader and OASIS teacher Colleen Kelly Beaman taught this class last year. This year she is combining it with our Lunch Bunch. Lotus Garden is catering the GF main course plus there‘ll be many other delicious GF favorites.

The $10 class registration fee is waived because OASIS understands the importance of CD/GF education. So, your whole meal including class will cost just $8.00! Being part of this class is your opportunity to advocate for CD/GF awareness.

For this time only, please RSVP to OASIS by calling 322-5627 and tell them you are signing up for Class No. 519 – Living Gluten Free. Or, if you prefer, you may register/RSVP online at www.oasisnet.org.

*Please allow an extra 15 - 20 minutes prior to noon to sign in and pay by cash, check or major credit card.

Mark your calendar

Summer 2010

  • June 18, Noon: GF Lunch Bunch
  • June 23, 1:00 pm: Round Table Mtg, Ward Six City Hall at 3202 E. 1st St
  • June 25, 6:00pm: GF Fourth Friday Dining Group (check website)
  • July 9, Noon: GF Lunch Bunch
  • July 23, 6:00pm: GF Fourth Friday Dining Group (check website)
  • July 28, 1:00 pm: Round Table Mtg, Ward Six City Hall at 3202 E. 1st St

Chapter 15 Notes

  • Anyone interested in having a personal note to Shirley Curtis included in a memory book being created for her, can send it to Cheryl Wilson (11605 E Golf Links Rd, 85730) or Email to: so.az.celiacsuppport@gmail.com
  • CSA/USA: 877-272-4272 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time. Their website is: www.csaceliacs.org
  • Membership changes? Notify us via the website or call Kim Pebley at 219-7076
  • Volunteers are always needed If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Celeste at 721-6767
Special thanks to Prometheus Labs for making it possible for 200 people to have their blood screened at our Gluten Free Food Faire!

SACS Welcomes New MAB Member Hana Feeney, R.D.

Hana Feeney obtained her BS in Exercise Science from ASU and her Master‘s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from UA. She completed her dietetics internship through Carondelet. Hana is a Registered Dietitian and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with a private practice called Nourishing Results. She coaches individuals to make Hana Feeney optimal food choices for their unique bodies. Hana also works as a Dietitian at Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson. Between Canyon Ranch and Nourishing Results she has worked with a broad spectrum of patients, many of whom are living with chronic GI issues including CD, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux, dysbiosis and food allergies. She has worked extensively with people who may or may not have a diagnosis, but who understand food connections to their symptoms. She often educates those who are making an attempt to get healthy through elimination diets and further testing. Often these patients aren‘t aware of what can be done to uncover other food sensitivities and allergies.

Hana was diagnosed with osteopenia at age 22 and began a journey to find out the cause. Eight years later, a biopsy confirmed that she had celiac disease despite repeatedly negative blood tests for celiac. At this point, she became increasingly interested in celiac disease due to her own diagnosis and the large number of celiac patients she had begun to see.

According to Hana, one of the largest stumbling blocks to becoming diagnosed with celiac disease, is that many physicians don‘t recognize celiac unless the patient presents with classic symptoms. Blood tests seem to be the only "non-invasive" test readily available and are not fully reliable at this point. She has known physicians who rely upon a detailed medical/health/symptom assessment rather than the blood tests.

The Lotus Garden  Fine Cantonese & Szechuan Cuisine  Gluten-Free by request  5975 E Speedway  Ph: 520.298.3351

Her desire is to increase awareness of how to diagnose celiac disease in people without the classic symptoms and to help people rule out celiac disease as the cause for GI complaints. She also hopes to become an advocate for all of us in a sea of medical providers who are unfamiliar with celiac disease and who may be resistant to accepting celiac disease when an individual isn‘t "wasting away with chronic diarrhea."

Additionally, she‘d like to increase awareness of how to eat exceptionally well with celiac disease. Hana wants to educate people about many important food and nutrition topics. Some of these topics include how to make the best food choices to ensure that you are getting enough fiber and anti-oxidants and how to manage diabetes, or travel while living with celiac.

Following the diet requires diligence to look at every single food that you buy. When you eat in someone else‘s home, you have to consider every single thing that they used to prepare you a lovely dinner and look for any cross-contamination issues. When you go out to eat, you must question the server and the kitchen staff.

"Personally I think cross-contamination is especially hard. It‘s totally out of your control when you are eating outside of your own home and that‘s a tough thing to handle."

— Kim Pebley

Special thanks to Jenny Anchondo ( KOLD 13 TV); Kimberly Romo (KGUN9 TV Health News Reporter); Inger Sandal, Tiffany Kjos, Kelly Presnell, (Arizona Daily Star); Jimmy Boegle, Adam Borowitz (Tucson Weekly), and Jan Henrikson of (Desert Leaf) for their exemplary advancement of CD/GF awareness to the general public.

OH HAPPY DAY!!!! Picazzo’s Finally Opens in Tucson

Can you hear it? The clapping, jumping for joy, sighs of contentment and squeals of delight? That would be me (and possibly 200 other people in Tucson) who have been waiting, it seems, forever for Picazzo‘s Restaurant to open up here in Tucson. If you don‘t know the word "Picazzo‘s" then you might as well stop reading right here. For the rest of you—woo hoo! It‘s so FUN to go to out to a place where everyone can order something they will enjoy (well, OK, pizza, pasta or salad) and even GF beer (so I hear). Our relationship began with Owner, Dennis Daniels, back in January 2006 when SACS Executive Board traveled to Scottsdale to meet then-CSA Region VI Liaison, Larry Schneider. Larry is good friends with Dennis and they arranged for us to have our first taste of Picazzo‘s GF pizza—none of us had ever tried it. Dennis had been offering GF pizza for less than a year and it was becoming very popular (to his surprise). We were all in heaven as we ordered several varieties (including Shirley‘s favorite, the Vortex) and we each tried them all...it was so decadent! We were reluctant to leave and drive back to Tucson that day.

Three months later, SACS held their first-ever pizza fundraiser with the help of Picazzo‘s. Dennis brought down 100 pizzas to serve and sell—we ate every morsel! Dennis took the time to tell us all how Picazzo‘s GF dough came to be and it was really an amazing story. The sentence that has stuck in my mind all these years was when he said he did not think they would sell more than a few GF pizzas per day—and they ended up selling more than 500 a week! He was astounded! He had no idea there were so many people out there that needed to eat GF.

That was back in 2006, and I‘m sure that the numbers are much higher now, based on what he told me only a month ago—"offering GF was the best decision I ever made." It is really what sets Picazzo‘s apart from all the other pizza chains out there...they make GF offerings a priority.

When speaking to Tucson Picazzo‘s Manager, Amber Hughes, I asked her what percentage of her business are GF clientele. I was right when I guessed 75-80%, not surprising considering that the restaurant had not really "advertised" in Tucson—yet. Their business in the first two weeks was almost exclusively word-of-mouth, and THAT was predominantly a result of SACS members' unbridled enthusiasm.

Some 28 SACS members (and/or friends) gathered at Picazzo‘s Tucson for the May Fourth Friday Dining Event. Organizer Jerry Heintze was pleased at the turn out, as was SACS VP Kim Pebley and SACS Publicity Chair, Pat Hirsch. Picazzo‘s Manager, Amber, deserves a lot of credit for pushing to get our Picazzo‘s open and for being such a friend to SACS members.

—Cheryl Wilson

Gluten Free Creations  Bakery Mixes Mail Order  2840 E Thomas, Phoenix AZ (behind the barber shop)  Ph 602.522.0659 Fax 602.955.2034 glutenfreenews@cox.net

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